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As a young man, Jasper “Buck” Livingston, Based on the life of Jasper Weaver, made a decision that influenced and forever changed cowboy culture. Through disappointments, hardship and failures, Buck’s incredible journey as a rodeo cowboy, rancher, father and preacher proved that every life matters and even un-ordinary men can live life with extraordinary purpose. NAIL 32 is an exciting and emotional true-life story that champions the importance of being courageous, honorable, and truly God fearing. While exploring the answers of some of life’s toughest questions, NAIL 32 encourages all men to stand up and walk with God.

NAIL 32 was filmed in central and north Texas with the help and support of Shepherds Valley Cowboy Church and its members. The NAIL 32 Story is based on real life events of Jasper Weaver. Jasper's son, Pastor Russ Weaver, recollected and accounted for all the true stories behind the NAIL 32 movie. While this movie is intended to be, and is entertaining, we are happy that it serves as an outreach for Christians and non believers as well.